Dreamy Facts

12% of people dream in black and white.

According to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information,  only about 15% of people dreamed in color before color television. Older people were far more likely to dream in black and white than younger people.

You have dreams, even if you don’t remember them.

On average, we have 4-6 dreams per night. Here’s the bummer…we can’t remember up to 99% of them. If you really want to remember, try keeping a notepad by your bed. When you wake up, write down everything you can remember – especially the “good” ones.

You’re likely to forget 50% of your dreams within 5 minutes of waking up.

Wait another 5 minutes and 90% of your dreams will be forgotten. This is likely due to the fact that once we wake up, we start using our brains to process new information, thinking about what we are doing and what has to be done throughout our day. Sigmund Freud hypothesized that our brains were trying to erase the repressed thoughts that dreams represented.

Science shows that dream are directly impacted by a variety of health conditions

Those suffering from depression are likely to dream 3 to 4 times more than those not experiencing depression. In addition, nightmares and especially vivid dreams can be an indicator of potential health issues, such as migraines and heart problems.

Excessively violent dreams can indicate a potential brain disorder, such as dementia.

The brain works in ways that we are only beginning to comprehend.

It’s can be scary being a woman.

Women typically experience more nightmares than men. In addition, their dreams tend to be more emotional.

People that go blind later in life are still likely to dream in color.

For those born without sight, dreams typically involve emotions, smells and sights rather then sight.

Having nightmares? Fear is not the reason why.

Researchers say that the most common feelings associated with nightmares are guilt, confusion and sadness.


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