What Kind Of Dog Are You Based On How You Sleep?

You say, “Zzzz.” But we hear, “Woof!”

Think the world is going to the dogs? We hope so. Get in touch with your inner pooch with this canine quiz about your sleep habits. Are you cuddly Corgi or a rugged Rottweiler? Well, let’s get started and find out! Sit. Stay. Click. Good doggie.


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Sleep Position: On my side with a body pillow or on my stomach Mattress type: Memory foam Pillow type: Synthetic feather - kind of firm Average hours sleep/night: 8 Sleep in: White t-shirt and boxers unless it’s hot - then the shirt comes off When I was younger, I used to say that I would sleep when I was dead. Now, I’m older and believe that not getting enough sleep is killing me. Gotta love irony. Oh, to be young. So take this journey with us and let’s find restful sleep together...well, not “sleep together” but do it together. Not it. “It” being the journey. Copywriter. LOL. Mongo like words. Words good.

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