Find the Perfect Mattress For Your Sleep Position

Your mattress needs to match your sleep position

Editor’s Note: We talk about the Helix mattress in this article – a lot. They’re a highly recommended mattress both online and in our community. And they’re a great company with an amazing 100-day, no hassle trial. Are there other mattresses? Absolutely, but we’re taking a closer look at Helix here. And yes, if someone buys one through our link, they kick us back a little something, something that allows us to keep the lights on. It comes out of their pocket – not yours. 

Get Your Best Rest On A Mattresses Designed For How You Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep should be easy. Go to bed early. Wake up feeling refreshed. Simple, right? But it’s not. There are so many variables to consider. Something as simple as simple as sleep can quickly become overwhelming. So we’re going to keep it simple. For this article, we’ll break it down to this: (1) what sleep position you prefer and (2) how that determines what type of mattress you should be sleeping on.

What’s Your Position?

Generally speaking, there are three sleep positions: side, back and stomach. While not the only “positions,” these are the main body orientations while sleeping, with variations on these including fetal position, log, free-falling…the list goes on. So let’s begin by looking at mattresses for side sleepers. At over 70% of sleepers, this style is the most common, and it’s how I sleep…for those of your playing the home game.

Assume the fetal position

In Great Britain, approximately 41% of the people sleep in the fetal position. While in the US, 47% of people sleep this way. Of these, women are more likely to assume the fetal position than men.

Are You One-Sided?

While side sleepers is most common, it can be a problem for people who have back pain or other injuries. Because of the natural curves of the body, sleeping on your side can create pressure points or tension. Have you ever woken up with a numb arm or hand? It’s probably because you’re sleeping on the wrong mattress.

As I mentioned, side sleepers are the most common, so mattress companies tend to cater more to this style. Side sleepers are usually most comfortable on a soft to medium firm mattress. Memory gel foam and latex memory foam are usually best.

Sleep Better

Softer mattresses can provide the support you need while providing the support your hips and shoulders need. Think of your mattress as a soft, supportive cradle – giving you support in all the right places while giving you the cushioning you also need for the perfect night’s sleep. It’s the perfect marriage of give and take.

The Helix Sunset provides a plush sleeping experience while Memory Plus Foam gives you a pressure relieving layer to cushion your pressure points. If you prefer something a little more firm, check out the Helix Midnight. It’s the perfect blend – not too firm, not too soft. It also features Memory Plus Foam for those pressure points.

Are You Prone to Better Sleep on Your Stomach?

Most mattresses provide the right support for proper spinal alignment for side and back sleepers, but stomach sleepers definitely need to be careful when choosing a mattress. The wrong mattress can lead to back and shoulder pain due to pressure on the thoracic and lumbar spine.

Stomach sleepers are typically most comfortable on a firm mattress – usually memory gel foam or latex memory foam. In addition, you may want to consider a good body pillow to help reduce pressure on your back and hips. Many stomach sleepers choose to sleep this way due to existing back or joint issues. However, if you’re on the wrong mattress, this can make these problems worse over time.

If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, take a look at the Helix Dawn It provides a firm feel with Helix Dynamic Foam that reacts to your body shape and aids recovery. It’s comfortable, yet solid under pressure.

Back It Up!

For those people who can sleep on their backs, you’re sleeping in the best position for spinal health according to medical professionals. Back sleepers have the benefit of keeping your their necks, backs and spines in neutral alignment. Although the position may make you feel “vulnerable,” it’s really the best for waking up without any added aches and pains. But the type of mattress you sleep on is still just as important.

Back sleepers are usually most comfortable on a medium firm mattress constructed of latex or gel memory or traditional memory foam. This type of mattress cradles your spine while providing relief for pressure points and joints. If you go too soft or too firm, you risk interrupting the delicate balance of the spine. Also, old or worn out mattresses should be replaced for this same reason. Old mattresses usually start to form a depressed area that will allow your back to rest out of alignment, which can lead to increased back pain and poor sleep.

Best sleeping position

Although most of us move from one sleep position to another while we sleep, the healthiest sleep position is said to be on your back. While you may feel “vulnerable” on your back, it is the best for your neck, back and spine, keeping them in a neutral alignment.

So if you’re a back sleeper, take a look at the Helix Dusk. This medium firm mattress will provide you with the perfect blend of firmness and softness. The Helix Dynamic Foam will support your neck, back and spine while reacting to your unique body shape.

Don’t Let Your Mattress Keep You Awake

Finding the right mattress for your individual needs is a process. Take advantage of offers from manufacturers like Helix. They have a 100-night guarantee, so if you try out the mattress and don’t like it simply return it (for free) and get a complete refund. That’s about as “No Risk” as you can get. If Helix isn’t for you, check out these top rated mattresses on Amazon. The truth is that no one mattress will work for everyone. So take your time and find the best mattress, so you can get the best sleep.
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